FDN 51_2021 – The case of Wheat Technology -FARA-TAAT

Citation:  Bishaw Z., Debele T., Izzat Tahir I., Diawara B., Eshetu S., Bheenick K., Munoko K., and Abugri B. (2020). Transforming Africa’s Agriculture through Enhancing Commercialization of Wheat Research Products: The case of Wheat Technology. FARA Dissemination Notes FDN 51. Pp 1-8

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AFAAS climate change

Citation: Lamboll R, Nelson V and Nathaniels N. 2011. Emerging approaches for responding to climate change in African agricultural advisory services: Challenges, opportunities and recommendations for an AFAAS climate change response strategy. AFAAS, Kampala, Uganda and FARA, Accra, Ghana.

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