Working With Power In Multi-Stakeholder Processes

Power is complex, everywhere, dynamic and at play within every relationship. It is multidimensional, changing according to context, circumstances and interests. Its expressions and forms can range from domination and resistance to collaboration and transformation. In any system, certain actors have privileged access and ability to shape how the system functions and how it produces […]

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Status of digital agriculture in 47 sub-Saharan African countries

Year of publication: 2022 Place of publication: Rome, Italy Pages: #364 p. ISBN: 978-92-5-135453-7 Author: FAO; ITU By Country/Territory: Africa Publisher: FAO; ITU; Agrovoc: digital technology; digital divide; agricultural sector; agricultural innovation; innovation adoption; transformation; Information and Communication Technologies; case studies; Africa Abstract:Sub-Saharan Africa is uniquely positioned significantly increase its current agricultural productivity to lift the region’s more than 400 million people out of extreme poverty and improve the livelihood of […]

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