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Accra Declaration

Accra Declaration on the KM4AgD Agenda for Africa(EN&FR)

Doubling the agricultural productivity target is fundamental to the CAADP’s goals of eliminating hunger, substantial reduction on poverty, creation of wealth and jobs and improved management of the continent’s natural resources. Knowledge Management was highlighted as one of the key drivers to the achievement of the Malabo targets. This led to the development of a […]

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Gender Responsive

FARA POLICY BRIEF_Increase Gender Investments in AR4D

POLICY SHIFTS REQUIRED TO IMPROVE GENDER INCLUSIVITY FOR AFRICAN AR4D 1. Build capacity of women and youth for efficient use of technologies, as well as train the next generation of researchers to bring a gender lens to their research. 2. Promote gender-sensitive technologies that meet women’s needs, are labor-saving, cost-effective and simple to operate by […]

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sustainable financing

FARA – POLICY BRIEF Sustainable financing of research and innovaton

Policy Shifts Required to Substantially Finance Research and Innovation in Africa 1. Strengthen both the private and public sector at the country, sub-regional and continental levels to invest into Agricultural Research and Innovation (ARI); by creating an avenue to bring together the broad stakeholders in the private and public sector to for dialogue on the […]

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FARA – PARI Annual Technical meeting Report – Dec 17 2021

The PARI technical meeting is a significant part of the PARI annual meeting, and it is usually held on the last day of the annual meeting. This year’s technical meeting looked into the new research themes for the project’s new phase covering 2022-2024. This next research phase of PARI will address four research themes; the […]

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