FARA – POLICY BRIEF Sustainable financing of research and innovaton

sustainable financing

FARA – POLICY BRIEF Sustainable financing of research and innovaton

Policy Shifts Required to Substantially Finance Research and Innovation in Africa
1. Strengthen both the private and public sector at the country, sub-regional and continental levels
to invest into Agricultural Research and Innovation (ARI); by creating an avenue to bring together
the broad stakeholders in the private and public sector to for dialogue on the importance of
agricultural research and innovations along the the value chain.

2. Build a strong institutional framework at the continental level with sub-regional hubs and country
representatives to enable a strong joint African commitments to provide funding for ARI as
proposed in the CAADP.

3. Enhance capacities of potential funders and donors in ARI by organizing workshops, fora,
colloquium/symposium, and exhibitions

4. Identify and unlock financial resources outside the conventional sources.

5. Develop agricultural investment plans and mobilize investors and investments within and outside

Africa to respond to the context of sustainable financing to improve food systems in Africa.

6. Upscaling public-private sector partnership engagements to collectively mobilize and design
sustainable financing models

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