FARA POLICY BRIEF_Increase Gender Investments in AR4D

Gender Responsive

FARA POLICY BRIEF_Increase Gender Investments in AR4D


1. Build capacity of women and youth for efficient use of technologies, as well as train the next
generation of researchers to bring a gender lens to their research.

2. Promote gender-sensitive technologies that meet women’s needs, are labor-saving, cost-effective
and simple to operate by non-educated or preliterate women, girls and youth.

3. Prioritize gender-specific needs of men and women by including their interests and taking
cognizance of intersections between gender with other identity factors.

4. Initiate and expand gender-responsive policies to go beyond production issues throughout the
entire agricultural value chains including agri-finance, agro-processing, agro-allied industry with
improved access to inputs and research.

5. Increase availability of and access to gender indicators and sex-disaggregated data which are
essential to developing critical actions targeted towards implementing interventions in closing
current gender gaps, changing underlying social norms, and addressing structural causes of
inequality in food systems.

6. Design, deliver and measure financial products that work for women to achieve gender
transformative financial inclusion and close existing gender gaps.

7. Create institutional adjustments for women to participate not only in research but also as leaders
in the various governance structures and elements of the value chains.

8. Re-inforce commitments to integrating gender in African AR4D simultaneously with increased
budgetary allocations since it is not possible to mainstream gender effectively and sustainably
without a gender budget.

9. Shift from the current gender training and/or sensitization approaches to creating gender
awareness within organizations, to gender conscientisation and gender consciousness awakening,
to unlearning the long-held gender ideologies and stereotypes.

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